#TeamIvanka (Trump) Learned How to Meditate   Leave a comment

Katie Evans, Team Ivanka Art Director, was totally into it.

Katie Evans, Team Ivanka Art Director, was totally into it.

Fun fact: Ivanka meditates twice daily—she even has her recurring twenty-minute sessions blocked off in her calendar. When she finds something she’s excited about, she has to share it (we’ve received emails from her at 11 p.m. with details on the latest thing she’s found and wants to try)—which is why our team found ourselves taking meditations this spring. Ivanka gave us the incredible opportunity to participate in a full transcendental meditation (TM) course, led by her friend, Bob Roth, of the David Lynch Foundation.

#TeamIvanka Learned How to Meditate

Give it a chance

In our one-on-one sessions, our instructors started us off with three very short meditations. “After the first short meditation, I almost laughed when my instructor asked me how it was,” Katie said. “I felt the same as I had when I walked in. I wasn’t sure what I should be feeling. We did a couple more short meditations together before she left me alone to do a longer one on my own. I was able to let my thoughts flow and concentrate on my mantra slowly and softly. Somewhere in that last 20-minute meditation I lost myself and I felt very peaceful.”


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