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Financial Times, July 28

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For the past month, I’ve felt at times like my hair was on fire. I made the mistake of trying to move house to a new region and change offices at the same time, while trying to complete some major work projects.

I have written previously about the dangers of long-term workplace stress. So what do you do about it? Too many people in the US and UK resort to tranquillising drugs or sleeping pills to deal with chronic anxiety. One recent study found a 12.5 per cent annual increase in prescriptions for benzodiazapenes such as Xanax and Valium.

My personal answer to stress has been meditation, albeit practised somewhat erratically and with mixed results over the years. I have tried several types of meditation, including mindfulness, which involves focusing your attention on your breath for certain periods of the day. But the most calming sort I have found – it’s really up to the individual – is transcendental meditation, which involves repeating a mantra for two, 20-minute periods a day.

It turns out, I am not alone. Bridgewater, the $150bn hedge fund based in Connecticut, has hired the foundation started by film director David Lynch, a noted meditator, to teach 400 of its employees to meditate.

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