Singing with Passion and Joy, An Interview with Brenda Boozer, Metropolitan Opera Soloist

Brenda Boozer, Metropolitan Opera SoloistTM Magazine, September 2013
By Linda Egenes
What skills does it take to become an opera star? Enormous discipline, acting ability, emotional stability, concentration, focus, and constant study of Italian, German, French, and Russian languages, to name a few. Not to mention a highly trained singing voice that can span three octaves and project over a 90-piece orchestra, reaching the back of a hall of 4,000 people without the use of a microphone.

Meditation heals the very core of your being and allows self-healing. Then you’re coming from a healed, whole place of light. When you meditate twice a day, you start to feel that every area of your life changes in a beautiful way—there’s more kindness, more patience, more love. Brenda Boozer, Metropolitan Opera Soloist

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