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Peace of Mind

The David Lynch Foundation has introduced its Quiet Time Program to young people around the world, a practical, highly effective approach to promoting learning readiness among students and thereby markedly improving their academic performance and success in life.
The Quiet Time Program with the Transcendental Meditation technique has already been incorporated into hundreds of public, charter, and private schools throughout the United States and around the world, supported by an extensive body of independent research verifying its benefits. Students participating in Quiet Time score higher on intelligence tests, close the achievement gap, improve test scores, and have higher graduation rates compared to students in control groups. Meditating students also show reduced stress levels, anxiety, depression, violence, and substance abuse. This results in reduced absenteeism, dropout rates, suspensions, and expulsions.
Take two minutes to see this short video from the David Lynch Foundation, set to music composed by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti.
Find out more about the work of the David Lynch Foundation on their website.


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